Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 26, 2022

About Us

Welcome to the website for Aldersgate United Methodist Church. I am William "Mac" McGrew, the pastor here at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.
I was born in the South-central Minnesota community of Mankato in September of 1954.  I spent the next four years growing up in Garden City, just south of Mankato.  Over the next 13 years I would be on a journey that included three states, five communities, nine homes, at least eight different schools, and multiple extended Boy Scout summer camps.  All this before I graduated from High School at Worthington, Minnesota in 1972.
Following graduation from high school I continued my life’s journey by attending Vocational Technical School in accounting.  During this time, I would meet my first wife.  After a year and a half in school I joined the Air Force which took me into the cultures around Texas, New Mexico, and North Dakota.  I left the Air Force in an attempt to salvage a marriage.  After a long and drawn out legal fight, we were divorced.  I rejoined the military, this time, the U. S. Navy.  The divorce, regaining control of my life, and joining the Navy would cost me a relationship with my two daughters. 
Upon joining the Navy, I would once again continue my life’s journey of moving around and interacting with a multitude of different cultures and people.  This time, it would include not only different areas of the United States, but several countries around the Asian Pacific rim and Indian Ocean.  Toward the end of the first of many deployments with the Navy, I met my current wife, Laverna, in Hawaii.
I retired from the Navy and my military career in April of 1996.  In the closing months of my military career, I struggled to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  One chapter was definitely coming to a close and a new chapter was about to begin.
During this time of questioning, I figured out that  I was being called into the ministry.  This calling took me and my family into still another part of the country.  After my retirement, we moved to Denver where I finished my undergraduate degree and moved on to seminary at Iliff School of Theology.  I graduated in May of 2000, but it would not be until August of 2000 that I was appointed to full time ministry at Ordway, Colorado, beginning as a Licensed Local Pastor, to Commissioned under Elders Orders, and finally ordained as an Elder in Full Connection in June 2004.
While I was appointed to the United Methodist Church in Ordway, I became involved as a Chaplain with all of the emergency services within the county.  Additionally, I also drove for the local ambulance service.  I believe that I did as much ministry during those many ambulance runs, as anywhere else.
In July of 2007 I accepted a new appointment at Christ United Methodist Church in Casper, Wyoming, where I also continued my chaplaincy work with the local hospital. 

Life continues to evolve as each day and new experiences present themselves. I came to Aldersgate UMC and Brigham City, Utah on July 1, 2015, to start this latest adventure.
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